Guangdong “Smart Food and Drug Administration”Project Initial Design and Estimate Report was approved by GDFDA affairs meeting

Published time:2017-11-21

On August 14th, “Guangdong ‘Smart Food and Drug Administration’Project Initial Design and Estimate Report”was approved by GDFDA affairs meeting.

At the meeting, GDFDA leaders, authority offices and units directly under directors listened to the report and discussed with the main issues. After discussion, the report was approved by GDFDA affairs meeting. Director of GDFDA Luo Wenzhi emphasized that Guangdong “Smart Food and Drug Administration”project involve various works of the system. We should embody project demands in system design and improve the construction of data center and application support platform, which make a solid foundation of application system construction. Furthermore, we should carry out training courses to strengthen our informationize team, and normalize the management system of foundation inspection organization.

The next step, GDFDA will present the report to Guangdong National Development and Reform Commission and promote the construction of Guangdong “Smart Food and Drug Administration”project.